About Kevin DeRosa

For two decades, Kevin DeRosa has enjoyed an outstanding level of success in financial planning services. Kevin DeRosa began working with The Opus Group in 2004. The Opus Group, a private wealth management firm, helps professional athletes and corporate executives manage their financial portfolios. He began working with athletes in 1996 when his brother, Mark DeRosa, became a Major League Baseball player. Kevin DeRosa developed a budget and financial goals and managed investments to create a lifetime of financial security for his brother.

Before launching his career, Kevin DeRosa earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Southern Connecticut State University. Outside of his financial work, Mr. DeRosa maintains several interests, including bodybuilding. In 1986, his varsity football coach recommended that he put on weight in order to become a more effective athlete. His cousin, World Wrestling Federation wrestler Carl Fury, trained him out of his Future Fitness gym using a combination of weights and a strict diet. Due to those efforts, Mr. DeRosa went from 138 pounds to 190 pounds in just 1 year. He continues to adhere to the workouts and diet to this day.

Kevin DeRosa has played guitar since 1992. He names George Lynch of the bands Lynch Mob and Dokken as his biggest influence. His favorite electric guitars include the Ibanez RG-570, the ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000, and the Fender Squire. The Takamine GB7C Garth Brooks Signature and the Ovation Standard Elite number among his favorite acoustic instruments.


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